Underwater Robotics

Remotely Operated Vehicles

Our Seaeye Falcon ROV can provide subsea inspection and tooling to deeper depths and confined spaces that divers cannot reach.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

The IVER3 AUV provides fast and mobile methods of bathymetric surveying and acoustic imagery in both shallow and deepwater environments.

Semper’s robotics services provides a safe and cost-effective form of advanced tooling for both clear and harsh marine environments. Our staff includes veteran ROV and AUV pilots and specialists with years of marine robotics experience. Our fleet of available marine robots include ROVs and AUVs including a Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV, Spectre 2 OTIS ROV, and IVER3 AUV.

Our fleet of subsea robots has worked extensively with the Neptune LNG and Excellerate Northeast Gateway Deepwater Pipelines in Massachusetts Bay as their principle service contractors and has provided subsea visual inspection, cathodic protection, and side-scan SONAR imaging to multiple clients. Additional services include ROV pipe and structure cleaning, subsea object manipulation, and sub-bottom profile imagery.

In addition to robotics; our 46’ survey vessel R/V Galetea will join our fleet of workboats and skiffs which allows us to mobilize and perform jobs for minimal cost for all robotic jobs.


  • Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle Services to 1,000′ Depth
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Services
  • In-Shore & Off-Shore Survey
  • Side-Scan Sonar Imagery Inspection
  • Bottom/Sub-bottom Sonar Profiles
  • 3D Video and Photography
  • Advanced ROV Tooling Capabilities to Perform Tasks
  • Cathodic Protection Inspection
  • ROV Marine Growth Removal and Cleaning ​