Dive Services

mixed gas diving

Diving using a composition of mixed gasses allowing divers to work at deeper depths for longer durations.

compressed air diving

The most common and cost effective form of commercial diving. Divers breathe fresh air compressed from the surface.

contaminated / hazmat

Commercial diving in contaminated environments for inspection and repair purposes.

Over the past 12 years, Semper Diving and Marine has supplied diving expertise to New England and beyond performing subsea dive inspections, underwater welding, and advanced tooling for our customers. Our experienced dive team can provide a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution to your marine and heavy civil projects.

Our crew of experienced divers can provide many services which includes full service commercial diving for all types of conditions, depths and durations including confined spaces and hazardous materials for construction, environmental, survey and inspection work. Whether the job is at 5 feet depth or offshore in 250 feet, our experienced dive team can handle the jobs at hand!


  • Diving with Compressed Air
  • Diving with Mixed Gas allowing Divers to work at Greater Depths
  • Submarine Cable Installation
  • Video and Photographic Documentation
  • Underwater Welding
  • Power Plant, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance
  • Confined Space Diving including Sewer Systems
  • Offshore Diving and Vessel Salvage
  • Outfall Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Diving in Hazardous and Contaminated Environments
  • Tremie Concrete Placements
  • Airlift and Jetting Service‚Äč